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About Second Life Travelers Group

Several established Second Life airlines have joined to create a Group called Second Life Travelers. It’s goal is to share travel opportunities with people in Second Life.

This Group has simple, but strict regulations and is moderated by people from every founder airline to support a fair interaction between members.


Travel Service Announcement Generator

Choose Travel Provider:

Choose Type of Service:

Enter Itinerary:

Choose Departure Time:

Enter Boarding SLURL:

Click "Submit" to generate an announcement, and copy/paste the following text to SL Travelers Group IM:

Departure Time: (SLT)
Boarding SLURL:

This is a free charter travel service, but tips are appreciated. Passengers are requested to remove AOs, HUDs, and other scripted attachments to reduce lag.

Group Regulations (Last Updated on April 2021)

  1. A “Travel Provider” tag to announce events in Group Chat is required and delivered upon request and moderators approval. Requirements to get a tag are: a). SL Account must be at least 6 months old. b). If part of an Organization, applicants must be referred by the owner(s) of the Organization to certify they have completed training and have been active for at least one month.

  2. Chit-chat is closed. Group chat is open exclusively to announce events.

  3. Announce only specific and verifiable events involving travel in a vehicle (i.e.: jet flights, boat rides, bus rides, tours, etc).

  4. Announcements shall not be used as a marketing technique. Mottos, group links, external links and ASCII typography are not allowed.

  5. Timing between posts from different Users or Organizations is 0 minutes. Timing between posts from a same User or Organization is restricted to 15 minutes. Any attempt to disrupt Group interaction with Travelers will result in the airline losing their “Travel Provider” tag.

  6. Keep announcements generic, simple and concise. Adjectives are not allowed in events descriptions. Your motto and ideas about tips and turning off AO’s are up to you at your location.

  7. Last or final call announcements are not permitted.

  8. Announce your flights only in Group Chat. Do not post flight announcements as a Group Notice under any circumstance.

Announcement Format:

Travel Provider Name:
Itinerary: Departure - Destination(s)
Departure Time:
Synthesized Event Description: Activities. Vehicle model. Passenger capacity. ETA (Estimated Time of Arrival).


Duck Airlines: Flight 212.
Second Norway - Grenadier.
Departure Time: 4:45 PM SLT.
One-way flight. Aircraft: Boeing 727. Passengers: 6. ETA: 15 min.


Columbus Ride: No.343.
Seychelles - Juneau - St Martin.
10:23 AM SLT.
Yacht ride and snorkeling tour. Dinner included. Boat: MLCC Oceanic. Passengers: 17. ETA: 60 min.

Join Second Life Travelers

Click here to join our Group in Second Life.

Support or Contact

To add your Service Provider Name to the Flight Announcement Generator contact SLTravelers or a Group Moderator in-world and we’ll sort it out.